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Realize Your Potential Surf – Kite Camp

Focus – Flow – Action Sports

If kite/surfing is your passion, and reaching peak performance is your mission,

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Maximizing Your Potential With Audrey Meyer Coaching (AMC) Camps

Our camp, packaged with lodging and condition-specific demos, offers the ideal environment to improve your performance.

As a former professional athlete, I might be biased but an athlete’s mindset is the most powerful mentality to have. In fact, I believe that it’s the same mentality that is absolutely needed to be successful in both your professional and private life.

Audrey Meyer

AMC Camp Descritpion

Through ocean sports, we are going to push your level of Commitment, Focus to get you into a Flow State of mind, and build Mental Performance.
The purpose of this camp is to build a high-performance mindset.
Most people have no idea what they are capable of!

A better name for what you will learn in this course is mental skills training.
Mental skills training will change the voice in your head that says:
“I can’t,”
into a roar that says:
“I will!”

  • Do you have trouble staying motivated?
  • Do you struggle with your confidence or your belief in yourself?
  • Do you find it challenging to deal with pressure?
  • Do you have a hard time staying focused or dealing with distractions?
  • Do you wish you could perform more consistently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then mental skills training may be something you should explore.

It's really important for athletes to be able to concentrate and stay focused on sports.

When you focus, you become completely involved in what you are doing. You don't care about what's happening around you, and you aren't easily distracted.

You are totally tuned into what you are doing. This feeling is called being “in the zone.”

AMC Camp Includes

  • Five Kite coaching session*
  • One Surf coaching session (more available on the side if needed)
  • Daily surfboard rental
  • Six nights lodging with full breakfast and two dinners included
  • Dryland training sessions
  • One day demo Kite rental
  • One massage
  • Airport pick-up

Kite gear is not included. Bring your own or let us know and we can organize your kite rental.

Surfing Ability

For beginner to expert surfer

Kitesurfing Ability

For intermediate to stepping up your game.

Course Levels

Have questions about what level you are? Contact Audrey via the form below.

2020 Camps

3 days long weekend:

  •  Oct 10, 11, 12th
  •  Nov 10, 11, 12th


5 days camps:

  •  Nov 26, 27, 28, 29, 30th

Your Home of Watersports

With Waterwoman, Audrey Meyer

Audrey has been surfing waves on all types of boards (kite, surf, SUP, windsurf, and foil) for more than 15 years.

She used those skills to teach proper technique through correct body and kite positioning.

Below are the areas we focused on. Maybe something you could work on?

  • Surfboard stance: feet placement and body position.
  • Basics of turning around on a surfboard: gybes and tacks.
  • Reading and understanding waves: how waves break (right, left, closeout), peak, lip, tube, white water, impact zone, face shoulder.
  • Right of way on waves.
  • Bottom turn and Cutback breakdown.
  • Kite positioning
  • Wipeouts – How to safely and effectively retrieve your board.

Cabarete offers perfect conditions for Surfing and Kiteboarding all year round.

The fun of Kitesurfing is that there is always something to learn and to improve. Every wave is different; that’s what makes the sport so fun and exciting !!!