Meet Audrey

I want you to believe in yourself and start achieving the life you always dreamt of.

Coach Audrey Meyer

Hi, I am Audrey, the owner of AudreyMeyerCoaching, where I share all of my best mental performance tips. I help driven-individuals maximize their potential.

It’s my passion and my area of expertise. I am obsessed with both athletic performance and psychology.

I am a Fitness, Nutrition, and Ocean sports trusted coach for nearly 20 years.

As a professional athlete, I have been looking to achieve peak performance in my entire life.

I competed on the Professional Kitesurfing World Tour for ten years and am still highly involved in extreme watersports. I am training daily in and out of the water dealing with Flow state, trying to perform at my best.

My mission is to help human being feeling their best, physically and mentally, so they can perform at their best, no matter their age, sex, or limiting beliefs.

When the mind and the body work together everything works easier.

I’m here to help you become your very best.